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My Customer-Oriented Approach

A company’s value is dependent on its customers’ value – which entails focusing on the correlation between customer relationships and the extent of the economic capital.
This does not mean neglecting the key role played by the other tangible and intangible resources, but considering the latter as essential tools in building customer relationships.
Being strongly value-oriented, customers require full compliance with any priorities deriving from their needs and seek benefits that are much higher than the specific costs incurred in order to reap them.
Said compliance increases the likelihood that long-term relationships with current customers will become steadier and makes it easier to start new relationships.
One such example for GR is the strong partnership that was established and consolidated two years ago with the Casappa Group, when GR made itself fully available to cooperate with them on the technical development of an electronic control unit project for their pumps.
Casappa has reached its goal and GR has proven its intangible assets as made up of its resources of competence and trust.
Customer relationships generate economic value.

Simonetta Giuliodori
CEO of GR Elettronica srl

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