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Osimo International Piano Competition

GR Elettronica has never stopped supporting its town Osimo through the Nuova Coppa Pianisti event.

Now in its 9th year, the first international prize was awarded by GR Elettronica to excellent Rachel Breen.

“We believe talent is a gift to be supported by all possible means.”

Simonetta Giuliodori

President / CEO

Rachel Breen Nuova Coppa Pianisti 2Rachel Breen Nuova Coppa Pianisti

Certification IATF16949:2016

In achieving Certification IATF16949:2016, GR Elettronica wishes to thank all those who have helped us achieve such an objective.
Simonetta Giuliodori
BV_Cert_IATF 16949-2016

Cribis Award

GR Elettronica is pleased to inform you we have received the prestigious Cribis Award.
Simonetta Giuliodori


Gift of solidarity to the Marche territory devastated by earthquakes

Our Wishes for a Merry Christmas
GR Elettronica’s 2016 Christmas is for and with the Marche territory devastated by earthquakes
As a woman entrepreneur, I am hereby asking you to help these people get on their feet again by comforting them with a word, a smile, a big hug and – as long as you can – the dignity of a job, which they have seen vanish under the rubbles.
Let it be a Christmas of High Hopes.

Simonetta Giuliodori
Ceo of GR Elettronica

GR Elettronica’s foresight goes beyond…

foto grelettronica

With the introduction of the brand-new X-Ray inspection system QUADRA 5 by NORDSON DAGE.

Ms Simonetta Giuliodori, President of GR Elettronica, seizes the opportunity and announces the introduction in 2017 of new high-efficacy/efficiency assembly lines which will enable the Company to double its capability.

Customer-oriented strategic choices aimed to meet customers’ needs for professional services.

Industry 4.0: That’s how data management can make EMS more competitive

The Italian electronics industry boasts companies of excellence that, although not very popular in mainstream media, help make Italian economy strong and competitive. One such stand-out is GR Elettronica, an EMS company that manufactures products for third parties under the leadership of Ms Simonetta Giuliodori, an ingenious, far-sighted and strongly innovative entrepreneur. Thanks to the introduction of the Valor software, she has started to put into practice in-house the mythical “Industry 4.0.”


My Customer-Oriented Approach

A company’s value is dependent on its customers’ value – which entails focusing on the correlation between customer relationships and the extent of the economic capital.
This does not mean neglecting the key role played by the other tangible and intangible resources, but considering the latter as essential tools in building customer relationships.
Being strongly value-oriented, customers require full compliance with any priorities deriving from their needs and seek benefits that are much higher than the specific costs incurred in order to reap them.
Said compliance increases the likelihood that long-term relationships with current customers will become steadier and makes it easier to start new relationships.
One such example for GR is the strong partnership that was established and consolidated two years ago with the Casappa Group, when GR made itself fully available to cooperate with them on the technical development of an electronic control unit project for their pumps.
Casappa has reached its goal and GR has proven its intangible assets as made up of its resources of competence and trust.
Customer relationships generate economic value.

Simonetta Giuliodori
CEO of GR Elettronica srl


25 years in the industry – a milestone which I have dedicated to my Father as the founder of the first production facility in a home garage in the 1970s.

To celebrate this anniversary I have decided to refresh the corporate image by having an emotional brochure and a short video made.


Simonetta Giuliodori
CEO of GR Elettronica srl

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