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Rely upon GR Elettronica for the manufacturing of your products means select ...

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          Applicable to Electronic Boards Manufacturing ISO 9001-certified since July 2003     IPC-A-610 Revision E-2010: Acceptability ...

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Conflict Minerals Policy

Dear Customer/Partner, GR Elettronica has always been sensitive to the respect of human ...

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This code of ethical self-regulation (the "Code") is designed to summarize the main principles and rules of conduct that GR's directors, managers, executives, employees and consultants of any kind as well as its providers are required to follow in conducting GR's business and performing their own tasks, but also in any internal and external relationships.

ethical code

GR Elettronica has always paid special attention to the protection of corporate data in order to safeguard its own and its customers' know-how. To this end its President Simonetta Giuliodori has deemed it appropriate to publish and share the descriptive sections of the Security Policy Document (DPS). Only parts of the Annexes to the Security Policy Document have been published, as they include confidential information.

Privacy Policy

Tecnology by GR Elettonica

Our know-how has been made available to leading companies in the industrial electronic, automotive, audio/video, wireless/wireline, electromedical and military sectors. deo, del wireless/wireline, dell’elettromedicale e del militare.

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